Workshop. The Bridge Builder

The Bridge Builder

Workshop. The Bridge Builder

In our ongoing series on “Archetypes of Transformation”, we will explore our inner capacity to meet others who think, feel or act differently from us, and to create the conditions to transform conflict into an experience of growth and development for all involved.

The workshop will include teachings, practices, and suggestions for further exploration.

You can take part in this session whether or not you participated in prior ones, or plan to continue doing so.

When: October 1st, 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT / 5 PM GMT

Form: If it’s your first time, please fill this form, so that I can know a little bit about you, your interests and concerns.

Tuition: U$D 25 to $ 50. It is offered on a sliding scale, so that you can choose according to your possibility, and also in relation to the value you feel you receive. You can make the payment via Paypal, to the following address:

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    workshop-A Life of Awe and Wonder

    A Life of Awe and Wonder

    workshop-A Life of Awe and Wonder

    Awe and wonder are two emotions that arise in response to the vastness of life, that abundance of beauty and mystery that greets us at every corner, if only we have the eyes and disposition to see it.

    It might be easy to perceive that largeness in the presence of a majestic mountain, an endless starry sky, a triumphant symphony, a poem. But if we truly pay attention, we will find that immensity present everywhere we look: in the silence that follows a heartfelt utterance, in the dream that awakens us from sleep, in the eyes of a child that glimpses its first snowfall, in our own surprising strength.

    “A Life of Awe and Wonder” is a four-week e-course led by Fabiana Fondevila, an author, storyteller, ritual maker, activist, and teacher from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her book Where Wonder Lives: Practices for Cultivating the Sacredness in Your Daily Life was chosen as one of the Best Spiritual Books of 2021 by Spirituality & Practice, and her live workshops have been highly recommended to us by S&P’s former Creative Director Margaret Wakeley. Fabiana’s seminars weave together nature exploration, dreamwork, mythic consciousness, archetypal psychology, social work, and essential emotions such as awe, gratitude, and enchantment.

    In this four-week journey into the wondrous, we will scout some very noteworthy elicitors of marvel that are available to everyone. Most importantly, we will seek out the particular orientation of the heart that finds awe and wonder everywhere it looks.

    The e-course will consist of emails sent on Mondays (September 5, 12, 19, and 26) with reading material and resources for further exploration. Then on Thursdays (September 8, 15, 22, and 29), Fabiana will facilitate live Zoom gatherings from 10 – 11:30 am PT (find the time in your area here). She will lead practices for investigating four stations along the path of the journey. These Zooms will be recorded so you can view them later if you are unable to attend the live sessions. We do encourage you to make every effort to attend, however, so you can participate in breakout rooms with fellow explorers. Throughout the month, you also will have access to an online Practice Circle to share your experiences.

    These are the stations along the journey we will explore:

    Nature, a Doorway into our Inner Wilderness:
    What do the weeds in our sidewalks know about resilience and perseverance? What do birds have to teach us about belonging? How do clouds reflect our inner landscapes? In this station we will learn about the many ways in which nature can bring us closer to ourselves, and into kinship with the many life forms with whom we share this one-of-a-kind home.

    The Magic Carpet of Imagination

    Imagination is both a faculty for seeing what is not physically in front of our eyes, and a portal into an inner reality that can be a rich source of inspiration and discovery. Join us in this foray into dreams, inner visions, and the power of creatively reimagining our lives.

    Traversing our Lives by Myth

    Myths are stories that human beings have always told each other to try to shed light on the ultimate questions: What is life about? What are we meant to learn? What does it mean to be a good friend, a good partner, a good person? How do we approach death? Although we no longer have great abiding myths, we all still carry with us -mostly unconsciously- personal myths that guide our behavior. What are those myths, and how can we adjust them to allow for growth and self-actualization?

    The Wonder of You

    No dimension of life is more beckoning, and more challenging, than our relationships to others. We know who we are by seeing how others perceive us, we are simultaneously inspired and provoked by what others ask of us, and we spend most of our waking time creating or responding to our interactions. How can we make this crucial part of our lives into an engine for growth and enrichment?

    Spirituality & Practice is so pleased to welcome Fabiana Fondevila to our community of e-course presenters, and we hope you will join us for her inaugural program!

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    Spirituality and Practice / Monday, September 05 – Monday, September 26

    workshop. The Mystic, The Alchemist

    The Mystic, The Alchemist

    workshop. The Mystic, The Alchemist

    The Mystic invites us to enjoy a direct, embodied experience of the divine, and to live from that.

    The Alchemist spins sorrow into compassion, beauty, wisdom, and transforms it into its complementary opposite, joy. It is the archetype of magic, rebirth, transformation.

    Both are energies of deep connection, gateways to enter into silence and a deeper experience of life. Both invite us to live from this perception.

    Join us for this one time exploration!

    When: September 3rd, 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT / 5 PM GMT

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      workshop. Practising Presence

      Practising Presence

      workshop. Practising Presence

      Join us this Saturday for an exploration of the first path towards Integral Vitality.

      We will delve into Presence and Engagement, two paths towards a life that is both vibrant and meaningful.

      You can take part in this workshop without previous experience, or having attended the prior session.

      Tuition is on a sliding scale: U$D 25 to $ 50. You can choose your contribution according to your possibility, and in relation to the value you feel you receive.

      Payment mode: Via Paypal, to the following address:

      When: April 30th, 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT / 5 PM GMT

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        Kindling the Fire

        Kindling the fire!

        Kindling the Fire

        In this inaugural session, we will explore the nature of desire: how it finds expression in our lives, why it ebbs and flows, the neurology of desire and the influence of the rational mind and the emotions.

        Mostly, we will share practices for sparking desire and keeping that flame lit, despite its changing nature.

        We will explore stimulating ideas, psychological research and strategies, nourishing poems and music to help us connect with our zest and vitality.

        When: March 19th, 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT / 5 PM GMT

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          Workshop: Being desire

          Annual Course: Being desire

          Workshop: Being desire

          “The force that through the green fuse drives the flower
          drives my green age”, says Dylan Thomas in the oft-quoted poem.

          This is the very force that we will beckon, conjure up and seek to ignite, through this year-long journey of the soul!

          I invite you to join us in this exploring the mysterious energy that animates our days, and guides our actions, decisions and relationship to others, to Nature, to ourselves, to life.

          Throughout 10 montly sessions, we will explore the ways in which vital energy flourishes or diminishes in our lives, the factors that influence it, and a variety of practices that we can lean on to design lives of radical aliveness, connection and meaning.

          Some of the topics we will be covering:

          The relationship of vital force and meaning; specifically, the three dimensions of meaning.

          Strategies for designing our moments for maximum aliveness.

          The role of purpose in the decisiones we take, and in getting some forward motion in our lives.

          Nine “archetypes of transformation”: three that pertain to our connection with ourselves (Inner transformation), three based on our connection to Nature (Ecological transformation), three that influence our relationship to others and the world (Social transformation).

          We will resort to these practices, amongst many others:

          “Lectio divina” (sacred reading) of poems and songs.

          Meditations, visualizations, rituals.

          Creative experiments.

          Suggested readings.

          We-space practices.

          I hope you will join us for this joint adventure, so we can find out together how much more alive life can truly be!

          For information on the first session, called Kindling the Fire (to take place on March 19th), please click here.

          Format: Virtual. You receive the recording and notes after each session. They are yours to keep for life.

          Frequency: Monthly sessions.

          Duration: Sessions last two hours, sometimes we go a little longer.

          Dates: Every last Saturday of the month (with possible exceptions, which will be announced ahead of time).

          First session: March 19th, 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT / 5 PM GMT.

          Fee: U$D 25 to $ 50. It is offered on a sliding scale, so that you can choose according to your possibility, and also in relation to the value you feel you receive.

          Payment mode: Via Paypal, to the following address:

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            The Power of Archetypes

            The Power of Archetypes

            The Power of Archetypes

            FREE WORKSHOP

            What does it mean to have “Warrior” energy, to exude the seduction of “The Lover”, to command “Kingly” respect, to see through the eyes of “The Innocent”, to heal others with the gifts of the “Caregiver”, or turn around a tough predicament with the mysterious arts of The Magician”?

            In this two-hour session, we will explore these energies we call “archetypes”, how they unconsciously shape our lives, and how we can harness their power consciously, by entering into relationship with them.

            This will be a free and open introduction to the yearly course that begins in March (more on that soon!)

            I hope you will join us as we dive into the fertile ocean that is our inner life, with its fascinating cast of characters.

            See you there!

            February 26th, 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT / 7 PM CET

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              The terrace

              The Terrace

              The terrace

              Exploring transcendence

              What is the “Supra-Consciousness” (or Super Consciousness) aspect of our selves, which holds the visions and intuitions that emanate from our essence? How well do we know it? Do we allow ourselves to experience then freedom and lightness it offers? Do we channel some of its light and spaciousness into our daily affairs, our relationships, our vocations? Do we participate, in other words, in the Infinite Game?

              December 4th, 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT / 7 PM CET

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                The Stairs

                The Stairs

                The Stairs

                The Higher Reaches of Human Potential

                Do we stop growing and developing when we become adults? Is “adulthood” a closed category, or does it include steps and stages? What is the difference between “states” and “stages”? What higher stages of development are available for us, and what teachings and practices allow us to fulfill that aspiration?

                November 6th, 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT / 7 PM CET

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                  The Living Room

                  The Living Room

                  The Living

                  Connecting with others

                  How large is our family? Does it only encompass those with whom we are tied by blood, frienship, work? What is our relationship to the rest of the world? Do we allow ourselves to be touched and moved by the pains, joys and aspirations of the “strangers” we run across in the street, read about in the paper, intuit across space and time? How do we want to contribute to our striking, tumultuous world that is always on the edge of the abyss? Can we dance with others, cry with others, celebrate with others in our common home? What is the crucial and dynamic relationship between inner work and work in the world?

                  October 9th, 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT / 7 PM CET

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