Practising Courage

Choose Aliveness! - Practising Courage

Courage was once thought to be what heroes displayed on the battlefield.

Today we know that life demands courage in much more subtle and everyday ways, that there are many ways to be brave, and that sometimes having the moral strength to refrain from taking action is the noblest act of courage.

In this month of deep exploration, we will see th eways in which courage beckons in our hearts, how we can cultivate it on a daily basis, and to what challenges it’s wise to apply it.

One question that will guide our path is: “Does making this decision expand me or diminish me?” The path of courage is the path of growth, and of making our lives all that they’re meant to be.

Join us, so we can grow courageously together!


Format: Online. You will receive the audio, video and notes to keep for a lifetime.

Tuition: U$D 30 to $ 50. Choose your donation according to possibility, and in relation to the value you feel you receive. You can make the payment via Paypal, to the following address:

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