the kitchen
The Kitchen
The alchemy of emotions What are emotions, and what do they bring to our lives? What is the role of Read More
The entrance
The entrance
Choosing Who We Want to Be Who are we? Which of our names, distinctions, characteristics, make up our “identity” in Read More
Be the light! Birthing the new world together
2020 was a whirlwind of emotions and unexpected challenges, and its effects are far from over. Everything we took for Read More
Entusiasmo y posibilidad
Activating Enthusiasm!
What is enthusiasm, that vital force that the Ancient Greeks described as “having a God inside” (the etymological root of Read More
The renewing power of ritual
The Renewing Power of Ritual
What makes a ritual moving, powerful, even transformative? In this free, two hour workshop, we will go over some of Read More