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Choose Aliveness! - Create the future

“That is our larger destiny: to allow the Earth to organize in a new way, in a manner impossible all the billions of years prior to humanity.”

Brian Swimme

We are energy in motion, a wondrous ebullience barely contained by certain forms, habits and customs, to which we grant an illusory continuity. When we become aware of this biological, psychological and existential fact, our lives are revealed as uncertain and indeterminate, and are blown up with space, vital force and possibility.

In tomorrow’s sessio, we will look at ways in which we can predict the future, by creating it! We will draw on practices and exercises of the imagination, and active engagement with the person we long to be.

We all have an appointment with ourselves, but we don’t always meet it. We invite you to join us in a group experience, in which the energy lift will lift us all, like birds in flight, to a present-future that brims with aliveness!

Format: Online. You will receive the audio, video and notes to keep for a lifetime.

Tuition: U$D 30 to $ 50. Choose your donation according to possibility, and in relation to the value you feel you receive. You can make the payment via Paypal, to the following address:

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