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Choose Aliveness - The Garden of Aliveness

Welcome to “The Garden of Vitality. Nine Keys to Engaging with Life Fully”!

In this bold and lively ten-month exploration, we will learn nine practices for coming alive, finding joy, purpose and meaning, and developing intimacy with others, with the world, with ourselves.

Each key includes a specific practice, mantra, gesture, question and suggestions for applying it in different areas of life.

Although each key is powerful on its own, together, the nine keys create a symphony of vitality, embodied presence and power.

They also straddle two core components of aliveness: desire and surrender.

As we are at once individuals and part of a larger organism (humanity, Mother Earth, Life), our life force directs us both towards our highest personal expression and self-realization (desire), and to find our belonging through connecting with and nurturing the needs of others (surrender).

Here are the nine keys:

1. Open your eyes. Awaken awe.

2. Play with life. Create your adventure.

3. Activate love. Cultivate connection.

4. Feed the body. Nurture your inner animal.

5. Practice courage. Develop fortitude.

6. Cease the war. Embrace your shadow self.

7. Create the future. Live in possibility.

8. Say yes. Find your purpose.

9. Be the sun. Give yourself permission to shine.

10. Give thanks! Nourish a grateful heart.

I hope you will join in this journey of the body, the soul and the imagination!

Learn more about “The Garden of Aliveness”:

Format: Virtual. You receive the video, recording and notes after each meeting, and they are yours for life!

Frequency: Monthly session, on the last Saturday of the month.

Duration: From March to December. 

Launch: March 25th, 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT / 5 PM GMT.

Tuition: U$D 30 to $ 50. Choose your donation according to possibility, and in relation to the value you receive. You can make the payment via Paypal, to the following address:


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