Annual Course: Being desire

Workshop: Being desire

“The force that through the green fuse drives the flower
drives my green age”, says Dylan Thomas in the oft-quoted poem.

This is the very force that we will beckon, conjure up and seek to ignite, through this year-long journey of the soul!

I invite you to join us in this exploring the mysterious energy that animates our days, and guides our actions, decisions and relationship to others, to Nature, to ourselves, to life.

Throughout 10 montly sessions, we will explore the ways in which vital energy flourishes or diminishes in our lives, the factors that influence it, and a variety of practices that we can lean on to design lives of radical aliveness, connection and meaning.

Some of the topics we will be covering:

The relationship of vital force and meaning; specifically, the three dimensions of meaning.

Strategies for designing our moments for maximum aliveness.

The role of purpose in the decisiones we take, and in getting some forward motion in our lives.

Nine “archetypes of transformation”: three that pertain to our connection with ourselves (Inner transformation), three based on our connection to Nature (Ecological transformation), three that influence our relationship to others and the world (Social transformation).

We will resort to these practices, amongst many others:

“Lectio divina” (sacred reading) of poems and songs.

Meditations, visualizations, rituals.

Creative experiments.

Suggested readings.

We-space practices.

I hope you will join us for this joint adventure, so we can find out together how much more alive life can truly be!

For information on the first session, called Kindling the Fire (to take place on March 19th), please click here.

Format: Virtual. You receive the recording and notes after each session. They are yours to keep for life.

Frequency: Monthly sessions.

Duration: Sessions last two hours, sometimes we go a little longer.

Dates: Every last Saturday of the month (with possible exceptions, which will be announced ahead of time).

First session: March 19th, 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT / 5 PM GMT.

Fee: U$D 25 to $ 50. It is offered on a sliding scale, so that you can choose according to your possibility, and also in relation to the value you feel you receive.

Payment mode: Via Paypal, to the following address:

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